Audio Sales Training Script

A while ago, I finished a flash sales training script for two large technology companies. The job included not only writing the visual copy, but writing the voice over, developing a q&a and helping design the graphics. While the final is only a few minutes long, it’s highly interactive with embedded links and resources for the sales force. I wanted to place the demo I have here, but it’s an executable file and so can’t be uploaded. So a pdf of bits of the presentation will give you a slight hint about it. Sorry no audio track.


Cover Story

The January/February issue of “Developer” carries a cover story by yours truly, titled “The Place Maker.” It’s about a Gerding Edlen, a progressive green developer, based in Portland, Ore. Their specialty is energy efficient buildings.

It was an interesting process to go through. And the results are fantastic! It’s amazing how great color photos make an article more inviting to read.

The 11th Hour

For my clients it must have been the summer of being behind. Several of the jobs that I landed were get it done ASAP ones. A conference paper. Two Web sites. One due over the Fourth of July weekend and the other over Labor Day weekend. But that’s the freelance life. I’m here to take the pressure off you and help you meet your goals.

The rush continues into the fall. I just finished a huge slide presentation of a large Oregon company with a less than two week turn around.  Whew!

What’s up with this?

Here I am living in the older of the two Vancouvers on the West Coast of the United States. That’s the one in Wash. not the “new” one in Canada. The one with the fort and across the Columbia River from Portland, Ore.

So why bother with this blogpage? Most of you shouldn’t. It’s not for you. So goodbye and feel free to move along.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a freelance writer with experience working with senior executives on articles, marketing collateral and communications materials, stick around and take a look. If you like what you’re seeing. Shoot me an email and let’s talk more.

Obviously this is a work in progress and will be growing over time. I hope to blog about what I’m working on and show samples of my writing. And who knows, get a little business and make a few friends.